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Lite Paper

Please download or read our lite paper below.

Generational Finance Litepaper GEN1 22 January 2022

A Community That Holds Together Grows Together

Passive income & DeFi 3.0

We at Generational Finance will work within secure framed guidelines following stringent risk management strategies to keep investments safe and profitable.

In order to structure a diversified portfolio of assets to attain the maximum rewards possible for our community we will have a variety of strategies to obtain the best possible outcomes for investments.

We want to help simplify our communities investment strategies and focus on de-risking our communities portfolios.
Our community of Hodlers never have to stress about how safe their funds are or how they are managed.

We will collectively build our wealth together as a SAFU community. Our main goal is consistently delivering professional and profitable investments while providing transparent decisions for the community.

A community that grows together holds together. Our funds and investments are SAFU.

How We Get It Done

Generational Finance is an audited contract chosen with our clear forward vision of cross chain implementation.

We are the first Investing as a Service (IaaS) and Farming as a Service (FaaS) on BSC Binance Smart Chain. We will achieve profitability though risk management and smart investing to benefit financially from investments, staking and farming across all chains/ networks.
Making the process affordable, straightforward and transparent offering low transactions fees to access our DeFi 3.0 ecosystem.

We manage the investments, staking and farming for you our Hodlers. While waiting for the dividends to be paid incremental to your wallets as the investments mature.

You will be paid a massive 8% reflection on every buy and sell transaction(paid in BUSD) this payment will be made to all wallets that hold over G15k (15,000 GENFi).

When the amount of tokens is greater than 0.002% of the total supply, reward fee will be automatically swapped to the reward token (BUSD).

The vesting wallet will hold G40 million (40,000,000 GENFi) it will be released equally over the first 11 months

at 8% G3,2 million (3,200,000 GENFi) per month and the final month will be 4% G1,6 million (1,600,000 GENFi)

2% of every buy and sell (paid in BUSD) will contribute towards the treasury wallet giving us a sustainable, strong and continuous capital base to invest with.

We will be using the vesting wallet to make our investments. Selling these tokens will benefit holders with a 8% reflections (paid in BUSD), we will never sell all these tokens in one go it will be sustainable selling creating sustainable long term price action.

We aim to buy back portions of GENFi at different stages in what we believe will create a robust strong ecosystem for years to come though smart investment strategies supporting and strengthening our GENFi token.

In addition we will have 2 % from every buy and sell (paid in BUSD) go towards marketing to use where and when we need to promote our project though different advertising and media channels including community giveaways.

Once we are undoubtedly established and are able to diversify funds away from marketing these will be used to support buy backs to fuel our ecosystem.

Our team is dedicated to working full time in achieving these goals for our community.
This is the reason why we decided that 2% from every buy and sell (paid in BUSD) will go to salaries for the team members.

Making the team as invested as our community it shows we are committed to delivering remarkable results and gaining trust along with transparency about how we spend and distribute funds.

6% of the tax will go into one wallet from there it will be split 2% marketing 2% salaries and 2% treasury.

Pre sale will be hosted on PinkSale Finance on the 1st of February 2022. We will be Audited by InterFi and KYC will be completed.

How Yield Farming Works

It is a multitude of strategies that use cryptocurrency funds to accumulate more cryptocurrency.

What takes place is your cryptocurrency is locked/lended by the aid of smart contracts. You could lock your cryptocurrency in certain smart contracts that will gain APY passively that helps with the stability and governance of these tokens.

We are also able to provide liquidity for decentralised exchanges like Pancakeswap or Uniswap on trading pairs and you receive yields.

It is a very complex formula to make the most out of these yields it’s imperative to have smart strategies and good risk management as most of these pools are controlled by a select amount of investors. The most important thing is choosing legitimate projects that will benefit the holders of GENFi most financially.

We will do this by managing a portfolio and dividing it into three risk categories. With our strategic multi faceted approach we will build a treasury with substance and legitimate depth.

Our Ecosystem

Presale giving everyone a chance to participate, no team tokens Hard cap of 250 BNB Soft cap of 150 BNB

Everyone has an equal chance in a fair market.

100% liquidity locked and 100% of liquidity tokens are locked for 2 years or 730 days showing the team is trustworthy and wants a stable ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain or BSC has been chosen as it offers investors low fees and quick transaction speeds, this way it opens the possibility up for new or existing investors who don’t want to pay extortionate fees on ETH.


Maximum token supply - G100 million (100,000,000 GENFi) Presale 1BNB = G30k (30,000 GENFi)
Hard cap 250BNB Soft cap 150BNB

G40 million (40,000,000 GENFi) will be used for our portfolio and released as mentioned prior.
All remaining unsold tokens will go into circulation for purchase.

The tax is 17% on Buys and Sells and the numbers are as follows: Investors
Buy on PancakeSwap (20% slippage) and Sell on PancakeSwap (20% slippage)

8% reflections for our GENFi holders 3% Liquidity Pool

2% to Marketing 2% to Salaries 2% to Treasury

This will create long term sustainability and will reward our holders and the ecosystem will grow and thrive under these parameters.

2022-02-04 16.53.31.jpg



$0 Market Cap

• Contract Audit and KYC anti-rug Team vesting

• Presale

• 1BNB = G30k GENFi

• G1 GENFI = $0.0128


$100K-$1MILLON Market Cap

• Website

• Generation 1 Marketing plan

• Establish treasury

• CG listing

• CMC listing

• Litepaper


$1Million-$10Million Market Cap

• Cross chain staking

• Cross chain yield farming/investing

• CG trending

• CMC trending

• Marketing campaign

• Upgrade website


$10Million-$100Million Market Cap

• Major partnerships

• Generation 3 marketing campaign

• Launch of Gen1 portfolio dashboard


$100Million-$1Billion Market Cap

• Substantial wealth created for the G nation

• Continue investment, growth, expansion and development for the next generation

• Potential Contract upgrade with 1/1 swap total supply will never change

• DAO integration

GEN order is subject to change and potentially some items may be completed before or

after the way they are mentioned above

The Generational Finance Team

Matt Scholes

Founder CEG

Specialist Engineer

13 years experience

Portfolio Investor

Crypto experience since 2014

Sam Stokley


Graphic Design Engineer

7 Years experience

Risk Management

Crypto Experience since 2016

Sean Harris


Specialist Engineer

14 years experience

Financial management

Crypto experience since 2014

Matt Marshall


Engineer 10 years experience

Marketing Director

Social Communications

Crypto experience 2011

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