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Contract Address: 0x67314079d9c048612E925d8518f9C42ABD797B6d 

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Genfi Logo
Genfi Logo

Tomorrow’s future today

Invest In The Financial Revolution 

At Generation Finance we are trying to simplify investment for the cryptocurrency community. We will manage an extensive portfolio with various strategies and investments for our HODLERS. All you need to do to become part of the G Nation is HODL “GENFi”. Just invest in one token “GENFi” and our extensive portfolio management will take care of the rest gaining profits from staking and yield farming from cross chain investment as well as acquiring nodes including reflections in BUSD. We believe we can be the go to FaaS (Farming as a service) and IaaS (Investing as a service) investment choice for the crypto community. The GENFi token will be available on the BSC BEP 20 network alleviating high network fees for transactions.

Genfi logo
Marketing Video Released

Marketing Video Released

We have completed our marketing video.

AMA Now Live!

AMA Now Live!

Meet the owner of Generational Finance and hear in depth details about Genfi.

Marketing Videos Live

Marketing Videos Live

We are pleased to announce several marketing videos are now live on Youtube.

Marketing Updates

Marketing Updates

Good news, Big things are coming. Several marketing updates are here.

News Updates

News Updates

Visit our news page for the latest updates.

Genfi logo
Genfi logo

How You’re investment is managed

Using Various Methods For High Return

We at Generational Finance use risk factor algorithms in our investment strategies and will have a fair balance between the assets we choose to invest in. We are well versed in the crypto market and have seen many cycles of dynamic change in the market. We have successfully managed many private portfolios through bull and bear markets knowing when to diversify assets is key to market recognition. The longer you hold “GENFi” there will be added investment bonuses distributed to those HODLERS.

Genfi logo

Why Us? Who are We?

We believe in transparency, trust and honesty. Every step of the way we will support and build a strong community with communication and exceptional results.

The team currently includes four members two specialist engineers and one engineer in satellite communications and 1 design engineer.

We all have experience managing, designing and servicing complex systems. All of us have extensive knowledge in the crypto space and feel the time is right to build a community who can share the value of the knowledge we have accrued and this is why we have created Generational Finance.

Generations & Progression

Genfi logo


$0 Market Cap

• Contract Audit and KYC anti-rug Team vesting
• Presale 

• 1BNB = G30k GENFi

• G1 GENFI =  $0.0128

Genfi logo


$1Million-$10Million Market Cap

• Cross chain staking
• Cross chain yield farming/investing
• CMC trending
• Marketing campaign
• Upgrade website

Genfi logo


$100K-$1MILLON Market Cap

• Website
• Generation 1 Marketing plan
• Establish treasury
• CG listing
• CMC listing

• Litepaper

Genfi logo


$100Million-$1Billion Market Cap

• Substantial wealth created for the G nation

• Continue investment, growth,expansion and development for the next generation 

• Potential Contract upgrade with 1/1 swap total supply will never change 

• DAO intergration

Genfi logo


$10Million-$100Million Market Cap

• Major partnerships 

• Generation 3 marketing campaign

• Launch of Gen1 portfolio dashboard 

GEN order is subject to change and potentially some items may be completed before or after the way they are mentioned above

Genfi employee logo

Matt Scholes

Founder CEG

Specialist Engineer 13 years experience 

Portfolio Investor 

Crypto experience since 2014

LinkedIn Profile

Genfi employee logo

Sean Harris


Specialist Engineer 14 years experience 

Financial management 

Crypto experience since 2014

Genfi employee logo

Sam Stokley


Graphic Design Engineer 

Risk Management

Crypto Experience since 2016

Genfi employee logo

Matt Marshall


Engineer 10 years experience 

Marketing Director 

Social Communications

Crypto experience 2011

LinkedIn Profile

Genfi logo


Total supply

G100Million GENFi

Tokens for Vesting

G40Million (40,000,000 GENFi)

G3.2million (3,200,000 GENFi) unlocked per month over the first 11 months 8%

G1.6million (1,600,000 GENFi) in month 12 - 4%


Pre Sale Now Complete

We Have Launched

1 BNB = G30k (30,000 GENFi)

G1 GENFI =  $0.0128

Minimum GENFi

G15kGENFi (15,000 GENFi)

Your wallet needs to hold G15kGENFi (15,000 GENFi) to receive BUSD rewards and biannual investment yield staking payments

Tokens for liquidity

G6.875Million (6,875,000 GENFi)

Any unsold tokens are locked and reviewed regularly

Liquidity pool locked for 2 years

The Numbers



3% Liqudity Pool

2% Marketing 

2% Treasury

2% Salaries 

Contact us on our social sites and follow us for updates

Please contact us on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram or email 

 Join us on Telegram and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for access to the free Airdrops after pre sale has ended 

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